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Automate Hourly Invoicing using Quickbooks Time

qb time

Invoicing for hourly time across staff and clients is very time consuming.  We used to use Google Sheets and manually combine multiple staffs tabs into a master tab and filter it so that we could find out how much time was worked on a given client.  Then we would have to enter each line manually one by one to create the invoice and it was taking us more than 1 day month to do this.  Then we started using T Sheets, which is now QuickBooks time and have automated the whole process where it only takes a few hours a month.  Here is a video of how to automate hourly invoicing using QuickBooks time –

Here are the steps

  1. Sign up for QuickBooks time
  2. Sync your clients and staff into QuickBooks time
  3. Have staff enter time into QuickBooks time with details about which client they worked on, how many hours they worked and what tasks they completed
  4. Approve hours and sync with QBO
  5. Add a new invoice, select the customer you want to invoice and click the “add all”
  6. Send the invoice

Here are some of the common pitfalls

  1. All time needs to be approved and synced to QuickBooks
  2. You may need to select filter dates – for example if you are doing an April invoice you would use the filter for only April – you can do it for last month as an example in the drop down

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