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We love to help get your accounting software to match your bank statements. We can do it on a short term project basis or as long as you need us.

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Cash Flow Forecasting

Models to help you value your company and make strategic decisions about when to hire new employees or how much to spend on marketing.

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We are ready to help you with any of your accounting needs from Chart of Accounts Setup to filing your taxes.

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Our management consulting, startup, and corporate finance skills makes us a great partner to help with other issues your company is facing. We would love to hear about any issues you are facing.

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We can help with 1099’s, company and personal taxes, and tax consulting to minimize taxes.

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Fractional CFO

Helping to improving profitability or growth through building a staffing plan, raising money and Cash Flow forecasting / Budgeting.

We love numbers and we love helping businesses

I always loved numbers - my favorite classes in high school were algebra and calculus and I scored a perfect score on the math section of the ACT. I received my BS degree in Mechanical Engineering from Duke University in 2002. Upon graduation, I worked for six years as a management consultant at Accenture. Once I decided to leave the world of consulting, I moved onto corporate finance, and worked for Cricket's finance department for four years, eventually being promoted to Director of Finance. I am passionate about startups and founded 3 while I was working at Accenture and Cricket. I left Cricket in 2014 and founded two companies including Finance Pals in 2015. Everything seems to have come together perfectly and now I can truly follow my passion of helping startups and small business with their finances.

  • We can handle all of your finance needs on a part time or interim basis

  • We can help you with big decisions like determining when to hire new employees or creating new reporting such as profit margin by service line

  • We are much cheaper than hiring a full time bookkeeper and make a lot less mistakes than hiring your own part time employee

  • Once we understand your books we often find customers that need to be billed and multiple savings opportunities. This is where we go above and beyond to make sure your business is successful.


We have startup and finance experience!

Paul Heffner

Paul works to help startups with any of their financial needs. His specialities are forecasting, budgeting, business strategy, bookkeeping, monthly reporting to bank or board, variance analysis, sensitivity and segmentation analysis. He has founded 5 startups from oil and gas to makeup.

Cheryl Rohnert

Cheryl helps out with all things bookkeeping and accounting related.

Beth Strauss

Finance & Strategy

Deb Ohland

Deb helps out with all things bookkeeping and accounting related.

Elizabeth Grubb

Elizabeth helps out with multiple clients as well as our internal payroll, invoicing, and bookkeeping!

Karen Messler

Fractional CFO

Michaela Orel

Tax Manager

Deborah L Oster

Tax Manager

Rochelle Vega

AP, AR, Bookkeeping

Elle Mendiola

Operations / Bookkeeping

Blair Colsey

Finance & Strategy

Landon Ennis

Accounting Manager/Controller

Darah LaGrone

Accounting Manager/Controller

Samantha Timmons

M&A Tax Advisor

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