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Finance Pals provides consulting help for startups and small businesses.  We have 6 years of management consulting experience working for Accenture, 4 years of corporate finance, and 4 other startups that we founded including a real estate rental company that we have run profitably for over 11 years.

Areas of expertise:

  • Supply Chain – Forward and Reverse Logistics, Inventory Management, Transportation
  • Process Improvement – We can help your company become more efficient and help you work better with suppliers and customers
  • Financial Analysis – We are great with numbers and can help you with any analysis you need from business cases to help make the correct strategic decision to buying another company or selling yours.
  • Funding – If you are at a stage where you are seeking funding, then we would like to help you
  • Business Plans – We founded a total of 5 companies and can help you think through how to start yours.  We can recommend a lot of free resources and give you some general guidance.
  • Website – We are not website experts but we built our website and can definitely help build or improve your website.  We can help with SEO and social media setup as well.
  • Marketing / PR – We are also not marketing experts but have experience with facebook, yelp, and google advertising.  We have done re-marketing campaigns where a website follows you around where ever you go and have been published in multiple publications.
  • Videos – Here is a link to a video we made.  Videos help with your SEO and we hope to be adding some to the Finance Pals Website soon.

We love startups and figuring out why some businesses succeed and others fail so we would love to share stories and see if there is any consulting help that we can give you.  Please send an email to or call 303-868-8980.