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Best Denver CPA Firms

Starting a business is an exciting time! While you are focused on providing an excellent product or service, it is important to have a skilled partner maintaining your financial plan to help you grow. Enlisting the help of an experienced business advisor will alleviate the stress of juggling too many responsibilities, making strategic decisions, and ensure your money matters are handled in compliance with the IRS reporting requirements. Here is our list of Best Denver CPA firms to help you choose the best financial consultant for your start-up or business! 

Best CPA Firms for Small Businesses & Entrepreneurs

Finance Pals

At Finance Pals, we have a passion for helping small businesses! Our team is unlike most Denver CPA firms, as we take a holistic approach as an all-around financial consultant for start-ups. Our founder, Paul Heffner, understands every step of the start-up cycle, and has built multiple businesses on-top of his career at Accenture. While you focus on providing an excellent service to your customers, our team will guide you through bookkeeping, tax services, and provide advice for making strategic decisions. As your business advisor, we can help you determine when to hire new employees, or how much to spend on marketing based on a cash flow forecasting analysis. We would love to partner with you and help your business grow to new levels!

Team 80

No matter the size of your business or accounting budget, Team 80 has a plan for you! Many entrepreneurs have the DIY mentality, and the desire to learn everything about their business by digging in the weeds. That is why Team 80 offers you the option to handle the bookkeeping yourself. They get you set up with the best-fit software, train your team, and then let you handle the rest. If that’s too hands off, Team 80 is happy to set you up with their cloud-based turn-key operation, and take over as your full service accounting department. 

O’Connor CPA Firm, LLC

Patricia O’Connor and her team are also excellent financial consultants for start-ups. They work with a fewer number of businesses in order to be fully engaged in your business. Patricia O’Connor brings to the table 40+ years of experience in all types of financial and leadership roles, making her an excellent business advisor. She has worked at a Big 4 public accounting firm, 6 years on the corporate side of the table, and even was the CFO of a $70 million subsidiary of American Airlines.

Best for Tax Services

Gilman & Co. CPAs, P.C.

Founded in Denver, Gilman & Co. CPAs, P.C. have highly trained professionals ready to assist you with your tax filings, and can assist with other financial advice and planning as well. Chad Gilman achieved his Masters of Tax degree from the University of Denver, and is teamed up in business with his wife, Laurie Gilman. Laurie has a wide array of experience working for local and international businesses of all sizes. She is also a highly skilled problem solver, which is an excellent quality to have for someone on your team. 

Boxelder Consulting & Tax Relief

We sure hope this doesn’t happen to anyone, but if you find yourself the subject of a tax litigation, or owe taxes that you were unaware of, you need an experienced tax professional to get your business back on track. Boxelder Consulting & Tax Relief is an expert at helping you relieve the stress that comes with being on the wrong side of the IRS. Contact them for a free consultation and let them advocate on your behalf. The quicker you act, the fewer penalties and interest will accrue, so it’s best to get the conversation started with them right away. 

Hanna Warner & Associates CPAs – 

If you are searching for an expert tax preparer, be sure to start your search with Hannah Warner & Associates CPAs. It’s no wonder they were at capacity for clients requesting 2019 tax filings, as they understand the true value of providing excellent services, and being available to their clients. Not only will they take the tax preparation responsibilities off your hands, they are happy to walk you step-by-step in the process and teach you the tools required to run your business. 

Honorable Mentions

Lanphier LLP – International Tax

In today’s global economy, many businesses of all sizes are harnessing the benefits of competing on a global scale. Dennis and Brittany Lamphier, a married couple and business partners, made our honorable mentions list of Best Denver CPA firms because of their expertise in international tax. Dennis gained his expertise in international tax working for Deloitte after receiving his J.D. and L.L.M. in Taxation from University of Denver. They have filed tax returns for businesses and individuals on every continent. Yes, that includes Antarctica! So if your business has roots in any other country outside of the United States, this is a great Denver firm to call! 

Anton Collins Mitchell LLP 

Among all the craziness that came in 2020, ACM LLP (formerly Anton Collins Mitchell LLP) brightened their year by merging with the 7th ranked public accounting firm, BDO in August of 2020. ACM was founded in 2002 right nextdoor in Boulder, Colorado and quickly became the top public accounting firm for the Rocky Mountain Region. Now teamed up with BDO, they have the capability to expand their reach even further in the region. Employees and Clients come first for ACM, as they have been listed in multiple Best Accounting Firms to work for rankings over the years.

Big 4 Public Accounting Firms

This wouldn’t be a complete list of Best Denver CPA firms without mentioning the big dogs in the accounting world. Deloitte, KPMG, EY, and PWC are well known names to almost every business professional. They have the resources and capability to serve your every need, backed by seasoned veterans of the accounting profession. For most large corporations, this is the easy choice because of their ability to use every tool in the shed. Expert results are the norm at the Big 4, but not always the best choice as a financial consultant for start-ups. As a start-up or small business, what you need most is constant consultation on what moves to make. Regional firms will take the time to understand your particular business, and give unique recommendations that will help you grow and beat the odds!

How to Start your search for a Business Advisor

Why use a local CPA practice VS a large public accounting firm?

 A local firm will understand the business environment you operate in and will be able to provide recommendations that are specific to your region. They will also typically provide a more personal level of customer service. While a large firm has many resources at their disposal, it is more difficult to get the same level of personal attention because they work with so many companies. Also, their resources become strained at certain times of the year (tax season) which could put your business on the back burner. 

What kind of services are you looking for? 

Many CPA firms will offer tax services, bookkeeping, and financial advising services, making it a one stop shop for business owners. However, there are many more services these firms may offer that will best fit your business. The services provided by a financial consultant for start-ups could include bank financing, payroll processing, and strategic business planning. It is important to make sure these firms have a great reputation and that they fit your business needs. 

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