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Best Denver Fractional CFO Firms

Best Fractional CFO

There are a lot of great fractional CFO firms in Denver to support the great startup scene here.   Each has typical size clients they work with and are located throughout the Denver / Boulder area so we segmented based on that information.  The price ranges vary greatly as well so that is another criteria to consider.   There are also lots of independent or smaller firms that we did not list here but they are also a great option for some companies.

To Select a Fractional CFO Firm we recommend talking to a few firms on the list and seeing who is the best fit based on

  • Who you get along with best
  • Has knowledge of your industry
  • Who on the team will be doing the work
  • Price

Here is a list of some of the more popular and best Denver Fractional CFO firms:

Best Denver Fractional CFO Firms – Value

  • Finance Pals – We are a little biased but we think our firm is a great fit for both small businesses that only need a few hours of strategic guidance a year to seed stage and A round startups that are raising money and growing fast.  We work mostly remote but have most of our meetings when there is no covid in the tech center and cherry creek.  Like most of the firms on the list we will work wherever our clients are located.
  • CFO Share – Based out of Enterprise coworking space, LJ and his team provide some great services and are worth talking to.  Growing profits of small businesses and startups with corporate-quality financial planning and analysis at a fraction of the cost of full time CFOs. I am a strategic teammate for passionate business owners facing uncertainty, opportunity, risk, or cash challenges. We seek to be a lifetime resource for our partner entrepreneurs.

Best Denver Fractional CFO Firms – Pricier

  • Firestone CFO – Gary and Josh are good guys with a lot of experience.  We provide tactical and strategic C-level expertise to emerging and high growth companies. With CFOs, Controllers, Sr Accountants and Bookkeepers, our services include finance & accounting solutions, balance sheet strategy, sophisticated budgets and modeling, restructuring, systems implementation and optimization, and Board expertise. FireStone CFO positions clients for increased growth with scalable infrastructure to increase stakeholder value.
  • C Squared Solutions – David works with middle market companies and has CFO experience with publicly traded companies.  If you are a bigger company then it is worth reaching out to see fi they are a good fit.  They specialize in uncovering hidden challenges and missing opportunities that reduce the growth and profitability of your company. Our goal is to become the indispensable advisor that expands the bandwidth of your team. We service family owned, privately held, publicly traded companies and not for profit organizations. We have been successful CEOs, COOs, CFOs and coaches.  Direct contact: 303-409-6048 or

Best Boulder Fractional CFO Firms – Value

  • Simple Startup – Husband and Wife owners, Verity and Lorne are super nice and leverage their experience working with organizations like the Unreasonable Institute.  Simple Startup helps entrepreneurs simplify their finances, understand their numbers and make smart, informed business decisions.  We do everything from strategic bookkeeping and accounting, to helping prepare for fundraising and carry out investor reporting.

Best Boulder Fractional CFO Firms – Pricier

  • AVL Growth Partners – Founder Chris is based out of Boulder and has expanded to open an Austin office.  AVL currently manages $400 million in assets and has helped 1000’s of business leaders in over 500 businesses manage their growth.
  • Ascent CFO –  Dan  has been around for at least 5 years.  We work with a variety of clients and have a highly customized approach to suit each entrepreneur’s individual needs. I specialize in helping the executive team get a very clear picture of their cash flow and other key drivers of their business.

Here is a video where I talk about some of the firms and their owners.

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