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Finance Pals Services – Bookkeeping, Tax and CFO

Finance Pals provides bookkeeping, tax and CFO services to startups and small businesses.  Here is a video describing  the bookkeeping, tax and CFO problems we solve and  the types of clients we help and when we help them.  The table is summarized below.

Bookkeeping Tax CFO
Problems we solve •End of year cleanup / preparing for taxes / loans

•Improve Manual Processes – Payroll, Invoicing, Accounting

•Want insights and recommendations beyond getting a monthly PL

•Preparation and Electronic Filing of Business / Personal Federal & State Tax Returns


•Quarterly Sales taxes

•Business Setup

•Funding Retirement accounts

•Want to plan and minimize taxes

•Help growing business or improving profitability

•Hiring staff but not sure can afford them

•Need to raise money

•Cash Flow forecasting /  Budgeting

•Marketing Effectiveness

•Due Diligence prep


When we help •Bookkeeping managed by family member or CEO

•Last bookkeeper retired or didn’t do a good job

•Want someone to check books and teach you how to do it better

•Current CPA only checks in once per year

•Current CPA not proactive in savings opportunities

•CEO does not understand why having bad months

•Cash is tight

•Sales and Marketing is not getting enough growth

•Want to make more money

•Don’t have a budget or know how you are tracking against it

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