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What are Fractional CFO services?

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What Are Fractional CFO Services?
Finance Pals, Paul Heffner, expands on the valuable role a Fractional CFO
can provide as a financial consultant for your start-up and financial advisor
for maximum growth potential and profitability in your business.

A fractional CFO assists CEOs and advise on questions regarding situations such as cash flow. As a financial consultant for start-ups and established businesses, a fractional CFO can assist with services such as a 5 year proforma and a 13 weeks cash flow forecast. They also can assist with bookkeeping, accounting, tax and reporting but as many businesses already have these operations in place, the focus for a fractional CFO is primarily on that of forecasting, planning and strategy of cash management. A fractional CFO utilizes a large network of bankers, asset based lenders, and investors to assist in accessing current and future cash flow needs.

Questions a Fractional CFO helps you answer:

  • What are revenue and profit going to be?
  • How many people can we hire and when?
  • Where can we cut costs?
  • Where should we invest more money and increase revenue?
  • How can we acquire more funding to invest in growth? How
    much additional funds do we need to do this?
  • What if we increase prices by 5% or expanded to a new region?

If you need help or have questions, Finance Pals would love to give you some free tips and advice over a 30 minute phone call. We love all things Finance, whether it’s bookkeeping, accounting, FP&A, fractional CFO responsibilities or taxes and want to share our knowledge with you!

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