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What can a CPA firm do for you?

CPA Firm Services

Paul Heffner, CEO of Financial Pals, discusses what CPA firm services are and how they can be beneficial to personal and business financial health.  Although most small businesses are not required to have a CPA involved, it’s always a good idea for a small business and start-ups to hire a CPA to review its internal controls, evaluate accounting software, obtain tax advice, and so on.  A contracted CPA can assist you in many areas but the most common areas are taxes, audits, bookkeeping, CFO and advisory/consulting.

CPA Firm Services

  • Tax – How much money you owe IRS?
  • Audit – Is anything concerning about financials?
  • Other – Bookkeeping, CFO, Advisory / Consulting

Every business, no matter how small, can benefit from a professional financial and tax advisor,
especially when preparing and planning for taxes owed or performing company audits for the IRS
or for investors.  A financial consultant and CPA can be crucial for start-ups as they can structure and prepare your business for unforeseen expenses  and common start-up pitfalls.  They can advise business owners by using forecasts.  A CPA can educate owners on key financial affairs, costs and the capital it takes to build your business.

A professional financial consultant /CPA, can assist businesses with preparing and planning  for taxes through-out the year so there are no (overwhelming)  tax bill surprises when taxes are due.

CPA Tax Services

  • Pay Taxes – sales taxes, use taxes, income taxes
  • File Returns – 1040, 1120, Federal and State
  • Tax Planning – how to lower your taxes
  • Your CPA Should be Proactive – not just check in 1 time per year

If you need help or have questions, Finance Pals would love to give you some free tips and advice over a 30 minute phone call. We love all things Finance, whether it’s bookkeeping, accounting, FP&A, fractional CFO responsibilities or taxes and want to share our knowledge with you!

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