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How videos help your SEO – 1st page of google example


I am personally excited about this post as I did something pretty cool.  It doesn’t have anything to do with bookkeeping or fractional CFO work but I wanted to share it with you in case it helps your business.  I have always heard that video is a an awesome way to do content for SEO.

I was completely surprised when I posted a video on YouTube and minutes later my video was showing on the first page.

I will fully admit that this is luck as I have posted tons of video’s before that did not show up on the first page, but wanted to share it more as a motivational support for anyone that is on the fence to post a video but has not taken the plunge yet.

So here is a video that shows my video showing up on the first page after 28 minutes.

The video is basically me grinning ear to ear in surprise.  I saw it on the first page after about 10 minutes but I was so shocked that I did not think to record a video documenting it.  I was originally checking to see how many pages back my original article I wrote was so that I could try to document how much the video helped it.  I got so distracted that I forgot to check but can report that even though this initial success was for the video it helped my article move up to the first page.

The icing on the cake is 2 days later our blog post had moved up to the first page.

Here is the blog post on Best Denver Bookkeepers, which has the link to the video we uploaded.  I really hope this helps you and if it does I would love to hear about it.   Send me an email at

Best Denver Bookkeepers

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