Increase Profits through Operations for a Solopreneur

The video below covers a how to increase proitss for solopreneur’s and small businesses.  It cover some finance concepts related to – Profit Margin Increase Scale Decrease fixed costs And gets into a lot or operatinal tips on how to increase prices and increase your capacity by automating, delegating and saying no.  Check out the Read more about Increase Profits through Operations for a Solopreneur[…]

How to Increase Profits through Operations

I have had a lot of meetings with newer entrepreneurs who have a lofty financial target in mind like getting to $10K of monthly sales but don’t really do anything to operationally achieve those goals.  Each month they say our target was $10K but our sales were $500 so they get disappointed and frustrated.  Maybe Read more about How to Increase Profits through Operations[…]

How to Increase Profit

I frequently see businesses that are not profitable or have small profit.  Usually, these owners are burned out and very frustrated and don’t know what to do to fix the situation.  Here are some of the methods I use to help them.  Heading into 2022 some of these problems are only getting worse including: QBO Read more about How to Increase Profit[…]

Profit and Loss

3 metrics you are focusing on that may not help improve your business – Revenue, Profit, Growth

Here are some metrics that are good metrics but sometimes business owners rely too heavily on them instead of really trying to improve the business.  Having a healthy business means that it is a sellable asset.  If you are a startup it will be different than a small business as they have different exit criteria. Read more about 3 metrics you are focusing on that may not help improve your business – Revenue, Profit, Growth[…]

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Podcast on Bookkeeping, Budgeting and Profitability

I had the pleasure of being on the Rialto Marketing Podcast with Tim Fitzpatrick.  We covered some great topics including – How can people be more efficient with bookkeeping? What do people get wrong when it comes to budgeting and planning? How do companies improve growth, profitability and. cash flow? Here is the Facebook live Read more about Podcast on Bookkeeping, Budgeting and Profitability[…]

Finance Pals Services – Bookkeeping, Tax and CFO

Finance Pals provides bookkeeping, tax and CFO services to startups and small businesses.  Here is a video describing  the bookkeeping, tax and CFO problems we solve and  the types of clients we help and when we help them.  The table is summarized below. Bookkeeping Tax CFO Problems we solve •End of year cleanup / preparing Read more about Finance Pals Services – Bookkeeping, Tax and CFO[…]

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What are Fractional CFO services?

What Are Fractional CFO Services?Finance Pals, Paul Heffner, expands on the valuable role a Fractional CFOcan provide as a financial consultant for your start-up and financial advisorfor maximum growth potential and profitability in your business. A fractional CFO assists CEOs and advise on questions regarding situations such as cash flow. As a financial consultant for Read more about What are Fractional CFO services?[…]

Best Fractional CFO

Best Denver Fractional CFO Firms

There are a lot of great fractional CFO firms in Denver to support the great startup scene here.   Each has typical size clients they work with and are located throughout the Denver / Boulder area so we segmented based on that information.  The price ranges vary greatly as well so that is another criteria to Read more about Best Denver Fractional CFO Firms[…]

Multiple Scenarios

Why you need more than 1 budget

I was recently working for a company building their financial model to prepare for a series B raise.  We started by building a base case, which continues the current trends in a ‘business as usual way.’  We then started layering in a growth case: What if we got additional money for sales or IT projects?   Read more about Why you need more than 1 budget[…]