How to classify transactions for bookkeeping

For most CEOs one thing they struggle with for bookkeeping is how to classify transactions – should it be an office expense, cost of goods sold, or ask my accountant?  Luckily there are some guidelines to follow from a tax perspective and so your financials are easy for someone to look at and understand how Read more about How to classify transactions for bookkeeping[…]


Employee Retention Credit (ERC) Overview

Now that PPP2 has come and gone for the most part we are seeing more questions for help on the Employee Retention Credit (ERC) to see if they are eligible and how to apply.  We will cover both in this article but first lets give a little background. What is the Employee Retention Credit (ERC)?  Read more about Employee Retention Credit (ERC) Overview[…]

Finance Pals Services – Bookkeeping, Tax and CFO

Finance Pals provides bookkeeping, tax and CFO services to startups and small businesses.  Here is a video describing  the bookkeeping, tax and CFO problems we solve and  the types of clients we help and when we help them.  The table is summarized below. Bookkeeping Tax CFO Problems we solve •End of year cleanup / preparing Read more about Finance Pals Services – Bookkeeping, Tax and CFO[…]