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Ignite Denver – Get an Extra 30 Minutes in your Day!

Here is a video of me speaking in front of 400 people at the Oriental Theater on how to prioritize and get extra time in your day. There is a twist about halfway through that life is more important than just being efficient.

A few other things about the talk.

1. Ignite Denver is awesome.   I am not very comfortable getting in front of crowds and giving talks and the whole team was super supportive and gave me lots of free advice.  I would recommend giving a talk on any topic for the learning experience of it.

2. Ignite Denver talks are harder than they look.  As if using a microphone and staring into the bright lights was not scary enough, the slides advanced automatically every 15 seconds.  It makes it fun for the audience and it made me present in a different way but it is really hard to have the timing down.

view of microphone from ignite denver stage at oriental theatre

View of microphone from ignite Denver stage at Oriental theater

3. YOLO – You only live once and giving this talk was really hard, but I am really glad that I did it.  I hope that  it inspires people to spend more time with family and to follow their dreams.

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